School Year: September-June
Summer Program: Late June, July
· Two- or three-day program
· 9 am to 1 pm

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Small Miracles Preschool
is a developmentally appropriate, child-centered preschool where the unique spirit of each child is acknowledged and cherished. Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive small-group environment where children thrive in an atmosphere of security and mutual respect.

At Small Miracles Preschool, we strive to nurture children's self-esteem, guide them in learning to relate effectively with others and foster their natural enthusiasm for learning. Children explore their world through free play, creative experiences and guided activities in a carefully prepared environment where they learn through meaningful interactions with people and materials.

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Conscious Discipline®: Conscious Discipline is a relationship-based approach to being with children based on Loving Guidance™.
Step: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting is a program based on a philosophy of mutual respect between parents and children.
HELP: Healthy, Effective and Loving Parenting-- individual parenting consultations specifically geared toward the needs of you and your children. By appointment. MORE INFO »
Early Childhood Workshops: Single-session workshops for parents and professionals on a variety of topics, including child development, self-esteem, discipline, and many others.